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Deeper Quest Bait Boat: Hardware Features
Check out some of the most important hardware specs on Deeper Quest bait boat. All of these features were perfected by consulting numerous carp anglers, so the Quest could become a simple and extremely effective tool helping you put more carp on the mat. 

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00:06 Range and Sonar Unit
00:26 Batteries
00:50 Rig Hopper
01:23 Hoppers
01:36 Motors
01:52 LED Lights

Deeper Quest offers 400 m (440 yd) working range. It features an integrated modular CHIRP sonar, capable of three scanning beams, providing wide scanning coverage as well as highly detailed sonar imaging.

Deeper Quest features two batteries, allowing up to 7 hours of working time. The batteries are cable-free for convenient swapping. To remove them, simply open each side panel and pull the battery up. You can also check the battery level by pressing the button on the battery itself.

Deeper Quest also features a specialised rig hopper that will help safely deliver a variety of rigs. In addition to the conventional hook holder, it will keep water-sensitive elements dry for a perfect presentation. Alternatively, the rig hopper can deliver liquids to release a cloud of attractant in the water column. After the rig hopper opens to deliver your rig, it will become wet and needs to be manually dried.

Deeper Quest incorporates two separately controlled hoppers and can carry up to 2 kg (over 4 lb) of bait.

The bait boat integrates brushless motor technology which allows for high performance without compromising energy efficiency. The motors also come equipped with weed protectors, preventing vegetation from being pulled inside.

Deeper Quest features LED lights which aid in navigation, as well as inform about completed tasks. During regular operation, the bow lights are white while the stern lights are red, making visual navigation easier. If both bow and stern LEDs flash red, the bait boat is performing one of its automatic safety operations: either trying to reestablish a lost connection,
or returning home due to low battery. Finally, LEDs will flash green to notify that one of the hoppers has been successfully opened.

All this cutting-edge technology is ready to power up your next carp quest.

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